Zach from 2nd class was nominated to be a Little Blue Hero(LBH) by a colleague of the family. LBH's is a charity, independent of An Garda Síochana, but run mainly by Gardai and ex Gardai, to help kids and families of kids with life changing disabilities.

Every kid accepted into LBH gets a ceremony like Zach had yesterday at their local Station or community hall or the likes, where they become an honorary Garda and get certificate, cap, uniform and cuffs.

Zach now has a LBH buddy Garda, a girl in Coolock she organised the day yesterday and it was top notch. The Superintendent there too was brilliant. Garda bikes and dogs were there. His family and family friends were there and everyone got a tour of the station and the kids loved it. The Gardai in Coolock were amazing and so accommodating.