Science Week 2014

Its Science Week at St. Francis of Assisi and we have an exciting schedule of events that involves participation from all classes and teachers.

Take a look at what our students are experimenting with.


Fifth Class  work with Senior Infants to conduct a scientific investigation “The Snowman’s Coat”.


Fifth Class work with Junior Infants to conduct a scientific investigation “The Snowman’s Coat”.


Science Debates. 

Third Class – Rm 11 vs Rm 12 “Do aliens exist?”

Fourth Class – Two teams – “Did we really land on the moon?”

Fifth Class vs Sixth Class – “Should mankind invest in the exploration of space?”


Fifth Class will make “Alien Soup” for first & second classes.  They will demonstrate how to separate “Alien Soup”.


Fifth Class will hold a science event in room 14.  They will demonstrate several investigations.  Classes will come to visit throughout the day .


If you’re interested in extending your childs science knowledge at home check out these websites.


Useful Websites/Resources:

·         Discover Primary Science:

·         Science Week 2014:

Official website for Science Week.  Good for posters, logos and fun scientific investigations.

·         Science Kids:

Good for fun science experiments, facts, games, quizzes, word searches and learning about famous scientists.

·         Kidspot:

Lots of fun experiments.

·         Science bob:

More fun experiments.

·         Easy Science:

Science facts & activities.

Videos & science clips.

·         Children’s University of Manchester:

·         Woodlands:

·         Youtube: Good for fun investigations.


Interactive games, jigsaw puzzles, diagrams, quizzes & games.